Hi Everyone,
April has passed so quickly, as I’ve been planning my near future, travelling and been in a very creative mood.
I feel very blessed that I can express my emotions through writing songs at this hard time, and as I am writing in my own native language it brings me back “home” where it all started before I came to England, and I am very excited about it.
I hadn’t performed since my husband died, but it was reading about the great singer Celine Dion, who also lost her husband, and sang three months later, that inspired me to give a positive answer to the Israeli Embassy in Dublin to come and sing for the 70th birthday of the state of Israel. I very much enjoyed singing again, and getting ready for the show, and you can see from the photo that my smile is back!
I am sharing below a video with you of the piano version of my song”Calling You”. The piano version is much more sad than the original, but captures the authentic feelings I have now.
Before the entrance to my performance at Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel, Dublin.

Press below to view the video Calling You Piano & String Arrangement

The beautiful string arrangements are by Phil Curran and it was mixed by Guy Landeau. The video was edit by Boyd Skinner, filmed by Charles H. Joslain there’s some footage by the director Brad Watson who filmed the original video.

Save the Date : 16th June at 7:30 pm St Mary’s Music Hall

 I’ve been asked to sing for Side By Side in a Refugees Fundraiser and I will share the stage with great acts such as my childhood hero Tanita Tikaram and the amazing actress Ann Mitchell and more. For more information and to get your ticket press on the photo.

Thank you all for being such a support and being part of my journey!